Big trouble in little China

100_1765_thumb1_thumb Today (Tuesday) Ian and Mandy Worby and myself did a wee bit of shopping visiting Singapore’s largest shopping centre ‘VIVO’. It was a supreme piece of retail therapy thanks to the fluid design of the centre with only a very rare number of parallel corridors and the majority of the public space areas taken up with Dali style curves and Asian comic colour influences. A lovely little incidental I have enjoyed seeing is the ‘Emergency Room’ setups in shopping centres for people to bring their laptops or phones for repair. They have the look of a modern triage’ and give the impression that waiting in line for your ‘Mac’ or ‘Nokia’ to be repaired should be counted in the list of ‘things I did with my life’. In my Singapore 2007 Picasas album, there is a picture of one of the Mac centres’ inclusive of ‘Green Cross Icon’. Makes you think about the irony of the PC vs. Mac creative ads as I didn’t see a PC emergency room. Maybe they go straight to the cemetery. Now to be totally fair to both sides of this, "who can market their technology better than the other person debate" 🙂 You can find the range of "Mac vs. PC" ads here But if you would like to see some funny "PC vs. Mac" ads then try this site 100_1777Last night Ian and Niki Mackie from UCB Europe joined us in China Town. Smith St is the place to go for a fine selection of food. Don’t forget to tip or help any of the elderly cleaning tables. Especially after you’ve slipped ya dripper with sweet and sour sauce. I believe the photos in my Picasa album were doctored with Adobe Photoshop cos I can’t remember having that ‘Singapore Sling’ in my hand. As for the bearded Scotsman on my right, he must have had more than one. 😉 We had fun with the taxi ride on the way home. Obviously night-club time is money making time. At first we couldn’t get anyone to stop even at the tax stand. Then when they did they wanted to do fixed price $20 deal when a typical cab ride anywhere in Singapore is $5 to $8. 100_1775Finally we get a cab for Ian, Niki and myself. At first the driver says $15, Ian says ‘No’ we’ll do it for $10, he agrees. We all hop in but when I hop in the front he says $12. Must be I’m the excess baggage! 🙂 Anyway we get to the Hotel, Ian gives him $10 the driver laughs and we’re all home for the night. Anyway – I must say that Chinatown was a great place for shopping, especially for the ladies. Check out my photo in front of one of the "3 for $10" shops. (HINT: you can click on any of these small photos in the blog for a closer look) Little hint, you can mix and match items in these stores so its any 3 items for $10. You don’t have to buy 3 of the one thing like that ugly little paper weight you thought ‘Uncle John’ would like. A few fine silk items and jewellery are now on there way home. Onwards and upwards, my flight to Manila leaves in 45min so I’m off to gate E20.

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