Faith Poetry

Blind leading the Blinds!

I love how God honours our faith, however small. It ties in today with what I was reading in 2 Corinthians 5:7.

This morning I am blown away by a simple act of kindness by some friends of ours. Our home is coming along beautifully and it looks spectacular. We know however that not everything can be done within the scope of the homes initial budget so we are having to learn what ‘goes on hold’ and what needs to happen now.

One of the things we were letting go of was window treatments. Now we knew we would need some level of privacy for bedroom windows but we were more than happy to work on hanging up a few old sheets until we can make that next step. Thankfully God has other plans.

This morning I received an SMS from a friend asking:
“Would u like some timber blinds for ur house?” (sic)

My answer:
“WOW – we have nothing – I was planning on sheets.
Seriously! Yes please.”

My friends response:
“Ok will drop around 5 rooms worth later”

Isn’t it wonderful. I can’t wait to see where they fit. I’m sure God had them sized in advance. It is a relief to let God do the exterior and interior decorating. As creator of the universe you would expect this but His colour choices are amazing. So far I have been blessed how the colours we have chosen from ‘samples’ have tied together for a nice homely earthy feel. It’s all good!

The blind faith has brought in the blinds!
Thank you God, thank you all.

Faith Poetry

Merely a Human Being?

This morning I was reading 2 Corinthians 5 and learning more of our Lord’s plan for us and our misconceptions of His son. It really hit me to consider how we have evaluated Christ in the same way we have considered one another. Isn’t it easy to put God in a box, convenient yet a concern.

If we truly think that the God, creator of the universe will fit in our box, either our small mindedness has lost sight of the universe or we have placed ourselves in the position of being controller of the box and thus in control of God.

In reading 2 Cor 5:15 I saw the error of our assumption. It then came home in verse 7 where the challenge of believing by faith comes home.

Thank you for your creative love
Made me, redeemed me
Bless the name of Jesus
Called me, cleansed me

Find me and purify my heart
Not lost, ever watched
Believing in a sacrificial son
Never seeing yet convinced

One day taken Heaven bound
Final home and body found
While still here let me declare
Tent of ruin losing hair

Jesus, Saviour, maker, mine
Impacts life from the divine
God looks on His son endowed
To walk and talk, bring reconciled

For God made Christ the son
To be the offering, the only one
Wiped out our debt, our sin, my bad
Bringing us back home to Dad

:- Andrew Pitchford 30/10/2007

Great chapter! Read 2 Corinthians 5 now and be amazed.

Faith Poetry

Lifting the Roof

I know its a little corny but I had to get some photos online of the roof which has just gone up on our new home. If you click on these links you will see the online album of photos.

P1010338 (Medium)

P1010342 (Medium)

P1010343 (Medium)

Observations Poetry

100% Pure New Zealand

Try as you may you can’t find a country as fresh, vibrant and enticing as New Zealand.

I know its hard to put it into words.

How do you explain "God’s Own"?

Take a country where you can drive
from the surf and sand of the coast
to the ski fields of a volcano.
Dip in cool refreshing pools or
peer into the depths of the trout-lands.
Drive across the undulating pastures
of emerald green dairy country
to a bush sanctuary where walking paths
meander towards heaven and
while hunters crouch far from the trail.

Be at peace, you have found a home
where your clouds drift by,
rain falls gently and sun glistens on
the fern and web of forest homes.
This is a place where healing begins,
dreams are born and the life of the
wanderer is at peace with the settler.
Aotearoa is my land of the long white cloud,
a haven of contemplation enveloped
in the mist of a Genesis creation.

– Andrew Pitchford